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The Partnership for Equitable Access to Public Schools in Los Angeles (PEAPS-LA) works to ensure every child in Los Angeles has access to high quality public schools through an equitable enrollment process.


The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is home to ten different public school choice programs and one of the nation’s most robust charter sectors. All told, nearly 300,000 of Los Angeles’ 664,600 students are exercising some type of public school choice. While this expansion of options has benefitted many families, there are still roughly 160,000 students – mostly low-income students and students of color - attending persistently low-performing schools in Los Angeles.

Several aspects of the current public school choice landscape pose significant barriers that prevent many low-income families from accessing higher performing public school options:

  • Lack of official centralized information system inclusive of comparable information on all public school quality and options available to families
  • Over 200 distinct applications, deadlines, and enrollment processes, spanning across 8 months of the year
  • Lack of transportation for most public school choice options
  • The highest quality schools are in short supply in many communities

The Partnership for Equitable Access to Public Schools in Los Angeles (PEAPS-LA) believes high-quality public school options should be accessible to every child. PEAPS-LA is working to reduce and ultimately eliminate the barriers that prevent families from having equitable access to great public school options. The coalition is eager to work with LAUSD and charter schools in improving systems and practices to ensure the public school choice system is inclusive and useful for all Los Angeles families.

Guiding Principles

1. Equity for all families in finding and enrolling their children in high-quality public schools through:

  • Readily available, clear, and comparable school quality and process information

  • Easily navigable application and enrollment system

  • Quality choices that meet parent demand within reasonable proximity and accessible transportation

2. Substantial parent input in the design and/or influence of tools, systems, and processes

3. Support for quality public school options, irrespective of governance model


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Areas of Focus

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Improved Access to Information

Ensure families in Los Angles have access to on and offline resources where they can easily compare all of their public school options

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Improved Application Process

Reduce the number of separate applications and processes that families must navigate, leading to a single application process for all public school options, both district and charter

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Improved Enrollment Processes

Ensure enrollment policies, practices and timelines maximize equitable access to quality schools and support the ability of schools to accurately budget and hire staff


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Improved Access to Quality Schools

Ensure quality public schools are accessible to all families in Los Angeles by supporting the improvement of existing schools, a needs-based expansion of quality school options and improved school transportation availability

Current Priorities 

LAUSD School Finder Tool

The Los Angeles Unified School District is currently developing an online School Finder tool to be released Fall 2017. PEAPS-LA is encouraged by the District’s efforts to provide clearer school quality information to families, and believes the new School Finder should be designed in a way that works for all families, provides easy comparisons between schools, and provides useful information on all public school options. 

LAUSD Common Application

The Los Angeles Unified School District is currently planning to consolidate some of the seven different applications for LAUSD choice programs into one common application, with alignment of enrollment and acceptance periods to follow in the future. LAUSD has not yet specified which programs will and won’t be part of this common application.

Simplifying the charter school application landscape

Over 100,000 Los Angeles students are enrolled in independent charter schools; any effort to achieve educational equity through application and enrollment practices must include efforts to simplify and streamline charter school processes.

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